Ivan Reias

General of ARC. Speaker of Gilm.


Ivan Reias Is a 30 year old Human male. He has Short blond hair and a well kept blond beard. He usually wears a blue military uniform with a rapier at his side.


General Ivan Reias was one of the first people sent by ARC to the newly discovered Continent of Abon. He was sent along with a counsel created by ARC to develop a settlement called Gilm. Within this council Ivan met his best friend Harris Gilgenheim. As Gilm was being developed they were visited by by an ambassador from the neighboring city of Korinth. This ambassador named Seras quickly became good friends and eventually lovers with Ivan after being stranded by the great storm. After 2 years Ivan married Seras becoming the first intercontinental couple in the history of Prysaun. Now Ivan strives along side his council and wife to spread the openness of Malta’hoon to the world.

Ivan Reias

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